Today we mark World Health Day. The goal of marking World Health Day is to highlight the importance of World Health.

While it may seem a bit ironic given the crisis the world is facing with Covid-19, I believe it is important to focus positively on the prospect of World Health.

First, we must thank every medical professional working on the front lines fighting today and everyday for health. I think we need to consider how we create a world where health is valued and supported everywhere and where health needs are met everywhere.

Quite literally today, we must, as a world create a shared approach to fighting Coronavirus and then to insuring the necessary steps are taken to mitigate future pandemics. It is only through a lens that is grounded in mutuality and understanding that we will have World Health.

By coming together, through respect and collaboration, through sharing of research and information, we magnify efforts and and possibilities. Without health, we now know firsthand what that truly means. Thank you to everyone in health care, practitioners, administrators, researchers and teachers, support staff, who are doing their part to help create a world that has health.