Clinician/Community Psychologist

Clinical/Community Pyschologist

Dr. Barbara Green brings more than 30 years of clinical experience to her work with individuals and families.

Educator/Public Speaker

Educator/Public Speaker

Dr. Green provides supervision and training to others in her field and is committed to developing the next generation of clinicians. She finds the supervision to be a mutual learning process.



In her role as a researcher, Dr. Green is grounded in and committed to data driven information and cutting edge training and literature.

Retreat Leader

Retreat Leader

For the past several years, Dr. Green has been developing and co-leading Montana: Nature and Nurture, a series of retreats held in the magical location of Paradise Valley, Montana.

Dr. Green is passionate about helping individuals, and the communities in which they live, benefit from well researched and effective approaches to psychotherapy and wellness life style. She has a career spanning more than 30 years as a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Dr. Green tirelessly seeks to benefit her clients and the community believing that positive interventions can help achieve healthier and more positive well being.

She is on staff at South Shore Health System, having founded the Division of Psychiatry and Psychology and served as the chair for a number of years. She remains an active presence within the hospital system, having served as the Medical Director of Youth Health Connection, a risk prevention and resiliency building program of SSHS for more than 28 years. Dr. Green is a Trustee on the South Shore Health Foundation Board. She has recently joined the Collegue Wellbing Initiative at South Shore Hospital, collaborating to assist in the development of a system-wide, multi-tiered wellness initiative designed to assist all employees. In addition, Dr. Green is on staff at Walden Behavioral Care, providing consultation. Dr. Green is a highly sought after public speaker at conferences and community events.

Barbara has a special interest in working with individuals facing life transitions, including divorce and loss, life passages, chronic illness and health psychology, and adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Her clinical approach incorporates research based interventions with a developmental/systems orientation and skill – based strategies including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Life Style Management, among others. By combining talk therapy with a life style of meditation, exercise, healthy nutrition, sleep and balance of work and play, she believes a higher quality of life can be achieved.

Dr. Green combines clinical, research, writing and educational opportunities in her dedication to both her clinical and community work. It is her belief that by helping individuals, families, organizations and communities address Mental Health concerns, it is possible to create deeper and more robust outcomes. She contends that through Positive Psychology, we can create “Cultural Sea Change,” reducing the silence and stigma surrounding Mental Health challenges.

Dr. Green publishes a monthly column for Youth Health Connection, writes a blog on topics of interest and relevance, posted regularly on her website and Facebook.

She completed her B.S., M.Ed., and Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University and her post doctoral fellowship at South Shore Mental Health, now Aspire Health Alliance. Barbara is an outspoken advocate for education, early intervention, and pragmatic approaches that lead people and communities to live positive lives filled with mental and physical wellness and health.

In her free time, Dr. Green wanders to Montana where she has a horse, hikes, fly fishes, kayaks and looks at the mountain vistas! She also loves to travel, garden, cook, practice photography, and connect with friends and family.

Her clinical approaches include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Life Style Management