Writer / Researcher / Consultant

In her role as a researcher, Dr. Green is grounded in and committed to data driven information and cutting edge training and literature.

Through her writing, she is able to share this research and evidence-based programs with a broader audience and help to spark individuals and communities on their wellness journey.

Dr. Green frequently writes on the subject of mental health and  wellness.


Dr. Green frequently collaborates with schools and organizations to develop evidence and research-based curriculums tailored to the specific mental health and social/emotional needs of those within the community.

“It is clear that the mental health challenges we face in our society today are greater than ever. By looking at a school or organization through a proactive, preventative, upstream lens, a positive outcome and climate can be achieved,” says Green.

Her clinical approaches include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Life Style Management