As we maintain “Stay at Home” today with family and loved ones, I am asking that we take a moment and think about our medical professionals, first responders and, our dedicated grocery store professionals, delivery people and everyone working to insure our essential needs are being met. They are demonstrating courage and commitment as they fight on the front line of the Coronavirus. They are doing their jobs with valor and selflessness to help those in need and to try to stem the tide.

Expressing gratitude helps to emotionally anchor us and build resilience. If we are a society joined together, we build togetherness and resolve. Our soldiers in World War II were later labeled “The Greatest Generation” by Tom Brokaw. I am suggesting we understand that our medical professionals and first responders and everyone on the front line are the “Greatest Generation 2.0”. Please breathe deeply and feel grateful for every one of them and the work they are doing on our behalf.