We know it is unrealistic to envision a life lived free of stress and pressure. The reality of life today mandates that adults take an active role in helping children and adolescents develop the tools and strategies necessary for coping with the different challenges presented by school demands, activities, family life, and peer relationships. By doing so we can reinforce healthy mechanisms which create resiliency.

Dr. Robert Brooks, eminent psychologist and prolific writer helps parents and educators understand their power and role in building resiliency in youth. His research and writing describes two complementary approaches and mindsets for parents and educators toward the goal of building resilient children and teens.

His wisdom about constitutional differences in youngsters from birth gives parents an anchor from which to shape their responses. A very primary starting point, parental empathy, allows children and adolescents to have the experience of someone reflecting what they are feeling and what they might need. From this foundation of connection, adults can identify and reinforce individual “islands of competence”, nurture personal responsibility, reinforce the expression of caring for others as well as self, role model how to embrace hope and how to have a belief in their future well being. These are critical elements through which parents can help develop resilience in their children.

For educators it is essential to understand how effective nurturance of motivation, learning and resilience helps create students who are happier, learn more effectively and are better prepared for coping with the challenges of the 21st century. By using a strengths based approach which reinforces motivation, learning, responsibility, and self discipline, resilience can be fostered and enhanced. Again, starting with an empathic connection and relationship, which engages understanding and positive response to students, educators can forge an active role in ensuring their students have a foundation for the development of resilience and the ability to employ it as a tool in the tool box for coping with stress and pressure.

Youth Health Connection is thrilled to be sponsoring two programs by Dr. Robert Brooks on March 27, 2012.

We want to thank to the Social Service League of Cohasset for their support for this event.

The events will be at Notre Dame Academy in Hingham. The program for school personnel will be from 3:30-5:30 PM and the program for parents/guardians and community members will be from 7:00-8:30 PM.

Buttonwood Books & Toys will attend and Dr. Brooks will be available to sign books.