With February upon us I find myself reflecting on a number of topics.  With our dedicated focus this year on bullying,  schools have hosted speakers, trained trainers, submitted plans to the state, etc.  The good news is that the state mandate has raised the issue to the forefront and created an open dialog about how it affects everyone.  It has struck me that our challenging winter weather has really had a similar powerful impact on us.  It has brought out the best in most of us,  has made us work  together to “weather” the challenge, and is helping us forge personal and community resilience.  The Red Sox truck is on its way to Florida for spring training, February school vacation week is here and we are all looking forward one day at a time.

We know there are things that are vital to us for psychological and emotional caretaking.  I have observed people helping each other with plowing and shoveling, families have helped each other with child care and soup making.  With vacation week comes time for respite.  Take time to change your pace, work on mindfulness, breathe, laugh, explore, enjoy, do something different and adventurous.  Restoring is critical and refills our reserve tanks.