Thanksgiving is now behind us and we are rapidly approaching the Christmas season.   The “air” is abuzz with so much stimulation and activity.  Many comment on how much there is to do, how little time there is to accomplish tasks, and generally seem to lament rather than enjoy.  I personally find this time of year to be incredibly special and lovely.

The low light is soft and reflective, bows and greenery adorn and dress up homes and businesses.  If you take a moment to focus, breathe, hold it, slowly exhale and center, you will give yourself the opportunity to mindfully be aware of yourself, your family and friends.  I encourage being intentional and deliberate about deciding what matters and what does not.  The reality is that we cannot create the “perfect holiday”.

We can however be selective and choose the things that are important and valued.  Modeling this process to our children will help them develop the skills they too can use as they mature.  What matters to one person may certainly differ from another.  I spent time yesterday wrapping presents for a family who is deeply in need, and then delivered them to the charity organizer.  I can tell you that I smiled with each purchase and then smiled again as I cut the paper and secured them with tape.  I truly felt warmth as I considered how much the few things will mean to the children and their mother.

Throughout this year, YHC is marking our 20th anniversary with a focus on “Health Lifestyles:  Focus on Family”.  Families come in many sizes, styles, and types, whether biological or chosen.  May this season give you a chance to begin a tradition of counting your blessings, starting with the ordinary that we so often over look.  I promise you will physically and emotionally feel better and reap the benefits for a long time.