Preparing for Leaving Home:  Another step in the journey

With the arrival of the middle of March comes the process of students and parents receiving letters/emails from colleges bearing news of acceptances and rejections.  This is a time of tremendous anticipation and for some, anxiety.  We know that these notices have the power to induce joy or carry the weight of disappointment.  For those adults who have been working with students through the process it can be challenging to maintain a steady hand at the helm as we feel the “thrill of success or the agony of defeat” with many, many, many students.  I want to remind all of us that there is no one perfect school for any student.  It is clear that it does not matter where one goes to school but rather what one does with education, opportunity and challenge.  I think it is important to remind students and parents of this wisdom.  Unfortunately we know this can be a time of increased sense of risk for teens.  From here we march headlong into the season of proms, parties and graduations.  Being observant and staying connected are two of our tools to help reduce risk.

This is a time for all of us to focus on the strengths and resilience of our teens but be keenly aware of possible symptoms of depression and anxiety.  YHC is offering a number of wonderful educational programs this spring including Dr. Nadja speaking on Resiliency, Cara Filler on Teen Driving Safety, a peer training on How Not To Keep A Secret, and Al Moscaritolo on Stress in Teens.  We are all working together to provide connection for our teens through a strong coalition of adults who are there.