As I sit looking at the majesty of the Absaroka Mountains on New Year’s Day, I am reminded of the many ways in which we can create new beginnings for ourselves.   Every January 1st the world takes a moment to hit the “reset” button.   In the process of doing so, it is natural to evaluate the past year.   If we allow this examination to provide critical personal feedback then we can utilize the information to recalculate and redirect our energy toward relevant personal goals and needs.

With the YHC focus this year on  “Helping Adults Help Children with Grief, Trauma and Loss”, it is imperative that as adults we use our own wisdom and resilience to personally navigate the landscape of loss.  As a nation we had our attention drawn to the impact of trauma and loss as a result of the events in Newtown, Connecticut.  I want to share some thoughts about how we can take care of ourselves positively following loss.  The truth is, these reflections ring loudly true for ways to approach each day even if one has not experienced loss:  with realism, optimism, balance and renewal.

  • Start each day with a gratitude journal
  • Practice breathing and meditation and journaling
  • Embrace nature
  • Be physically active with fun exercise
  • Be mindful about food and nutrition choices
  • Elevate sleep to a high priority
  • Use alcohol wisely with mindful moderation
  • Take time away from screens
  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive, loving people
  • Pursue hobbies and activities that stimulate
  • Listen to your self talk and rescript it to positive
  • Allow spiritual wisdom to guide

Our choice is how we move forward not whether we do.  Do so this year by embracing choices that create goodness in your life one day at a time.