This is a meditation I wrote and shared with our women’s wellness retreat participants in Yellowstone Park, September 21st, 2017. Rebirth and Renewal are always possible, one moment at a time……

Each moment of life offers us the opportunity to begin again. Every day, with every breath, we start again and again. This becomes our natural rhythm, like a metronome, setting pace for living in the moment, for being connected and present, for feeling the air around us, for seeing the colors around us, for smelling the earth and grass, for hearing the wind. Nature grounds us to the earth and gives us the knowledge that the universe is there to hold us and guide us.

If we accept that rebirth is within us, we release ourselves from being held back and down, from being paralyzed or frozen, from missing new moments of life and living.

The reintroduction of the wolves demonstrates the power to come back, to be reborn in to a community that respects freedom to explore and grow. The universe grants us space and privilege to become, one breath at a time, one moment at a time. The cry of the wolves announces where they are. We can hear our own voices within us, and raise them up, in stillness and silence, by listening with our hearts. Trusting your silent heart voice to speak to you and to guide you each moment.

There is no limit if we do not place limits on ourselves

With breath and belief we find courage and strength to seek new horizons. Each experience leads us to new learnings. New learnings direct us forward. By nurturing our connection with nature, with our breath, with our belief, we live in the moment, we begin again each moment, naturally and beautifully. We become a community together, holding on to the spirit of beauty in everything, in our capacity to be safe while free to fly, roam, dream, move forward.