March is known for the lion and the lamb symbolism.  We have had a winter that came in like a lamb and has then shown us that the tiger can deliver wallops of snow, wind, and ice.

Winter gives us time to reflect, explore our thoughts and our lives.  Spring, which does come in March, even if our New England weather does not give us help us believe it is here.  The miracle of Spring is that new growth comes forth, bursting bulbs pop out of the ground and display color and beauty after a period of gray skies.

We too can burst forth in our lives with new growth and horizons.  By creating a vision of what that might look like and developing a plan we can move from reflection to growth.  High School Seniors are awaiting acceptances, excitedly anticipating new steps after High School.  By role modeling to them that the process of reflection and growth never stops we give them invaluable tools for living.  This can be part of a resilience process, that we never give up working to create lives that are aligned with what matters to us, how we want to define ourselves and how to hae meaning and purpose.

Lead the way March, to new growth and meaning.