As we enter our fifth month of navigating the extraordinary impact of Covid – 19, what we know to be true and what we don’t know, continues to widen and deepen. I am grateful for the leadership and hard work of scientists, public health experts and medical professionals who have been dedicating themselves to the complexity of Coronavirus. Unfortunately we do not yet have complete understanding of many of the questions we live with daily regarding the virus. As a result, we are left with uncertainty which can often feel overwhelming. Living with broad spectrum uncertainty can lead us to fearfulness and inability to feel confident to make safe and wise decisions. With the question of how to safely reopen schools we must rely on sound, grounded input and guidance. Even with that, there are no guarantees and no right answer one size fits all approach.

Youth Health Connection, as a Community Benefits program of South Shore Health System, stands ready to support and serve as a resource for communities, schools, parents and all caring adults who take care of children, youth and teens.

We are grateful to be able to offer a nationally renowned Infectious Disease expert, Dr. Todd Ellerin, for up to date knowledge and guidance. Dr. Ellerin is on the Medical Staff at South Shore Health System, and has been a sought after expert helping to provide factual, clear and current best knowledge of Covid – 19.

We will be providing a video interview with Dr. Ellerin for all of us who want to make sure we are making the best decision possible.

What we must all remember is, ‘We are all in this together”. Standing united and strong, using the tools we do have at hand: wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, maintaining proper hygiene, arm us to stay as safe as possible. Our children, youth and teens, communities and schools deserve the best and safest practices.