How chronic illness affects our psychological and emotional well being

  • I.  Emotional reactions
    A. Denial
    B. Anger
    C.  Depression/sadness
    D.  Betrayal
    E.  Anxiety
    F.  Acceptance and challenge
  • II.  Change in self-image / self-esteem
    A. Loss of idealized well self/changes
    B.  Impairment issues
    C.  Loss of control
    D.  Uncertainty about future
  • III.  Impact on relationships
    A.  Marital
    B.  Children
    C.  Friends
    D.  Work colleagues
  • IV.  Social and cultural issues
    A.  Change in lifestyles
    B.  Developmental issues for children and family
  • V.  How to cope
    A.  Ownership of the illness
    B.  Acceptance of the diagnosis
    C.  Forming a treatment team
    D.  Getting extra help
    Stress Management
    E.  Using supports
    F.  Role of humor, pleasure and perspective
    G.  Being in the moment