It is very rare that we as individuals can make a true impact behaviorally to save others lives. Given the battle we are waging as a Nation, we do have the capacity to make a difference individually, to save lives. By practicing “Social Distancing” and following the recommended guidelines we show compassion and love for humankind.

As we do so, we empower ourselves to save lives and reduce human suffering and loss. Dr. Brix said it very clearly and succinctly, we can do this and it will save lives. It can be a difficult thing to do, but we do not need to be emotionally distant. We can use our electronics to reach out and remain connected. We can talk, we can use facetime, we can use Zoom, we can use Houseparty….we do not need to feel isolation but rather can come together in an act of caring for our country, our neighbors, our families, our loved ones, our medical professionals, our first responders, literally everyone on the planet.

This is our chance, our opportunity to act in an altruistic way to use our individual choices for the betterment of all people. By choosing empowerment we defeat helplessness.