Mother Nature has had her way, showing us that she is in charge and that we do not get to control her.  We have come through over 24 hours of snow and wind.  Now that the winds have calmed and the sun is shining, we can take a moment to breathe, pause and reflect.  Or at least, after all the shoveling has been completed.   I like to think that there are always life lessons to be learned.  I have been listening to friends and family describe their thoughts.  There are some consistent themes that arise which I believe offer important things to embed in our psyche’s.

Reach out for connection and band together.   Dr. Ned Hallowell refers to connection as the “Vitamin C”.  Neighbors looked in on others, people gathered at houses collectively providing shelter for those most at risk for losing power.   Teen age boys have helped shovel others who require assistance.  This truly takes us back to much earlier times when safety was found in gathered groups.

Enjoy the peacefulness that comes with hitting the “pause button”.  We had permission to stay home, relax, read, watch movies, make soup, play games, listen to music, etc.  Granted, for most of us we had power, which made it much more possible to do so.   In our fast paced society it is rare to receive a “day off” and be together in our homes.

Appreciate what nature gives us in the moment knowing that this too will pass and spring and summer will come.  Rather than fighting what is, breathe and lean in to it.  It is possible to adjust activities to be in synch rather than spend time yearning for what is not real at this time.  Take time to make a snow angel, build a snow man, snow shoe if you have the equipment, visually store the beauty of the blue sky and sun that have burst forth.

All this being said, I do know that some have experienced tragic losses, including their homes, during Juno.  I would like to suggest we reach out to them now and lend a supportive, helping hand.   They will feel comfort and “Connection” as they deal with their trauma.  Empathy and understanding are core to the healing process.