Yes, it is real, summer is rapidly flying by. College shopping is well under way and back to school ads abound. Normally I find it very energizing to switch gears from summer to fall, to watch school buses pick up kindergarteners for the first time, to return to more structure and routine. This August however feels very different for me. I decided to ask friends, family and others how they are feeling this year as we approach moving the calendar to September. I have been struck by the universal chorus response of no, no, no, not yet!

So with some additional research, both academic and real life, I believe there is an answer to the question, why so different this year?

We all got through what was the worst winter on record for Boston. We coped with horrific commutes, schedule challenges, and the burden of continuous shoveling while fighting ice dams. As bad as the winter was, once we got through the slow start of summer, we have experienced remarkably beautiful weather. As I talk to people and as I observe, I see Bostonians embracing summer like never before! I hear people say that they are taking advantage of every bit of joy each summer day and activity. People talk about eating “al fresco”, going to the beach, exercising outside, relishing fresh fruits and vegetables from gardens and farmer markets. I have been told that people are taking time off and vacations that some have postponed in previous years. It is as if we have recovered from the PTSD, or” Post Traumatic Snow Disorder” and want to feel and live the summer completely.

There are lessons to remember:

  • Life is lived one day at a time
  • Bad days pass and lead us to the next day and new dawn
  • Be in the moment, breathe, live with intention
  • Focus on the blessings of each moment with gratitude

A yoga teacher taught me two phrases she uses each morning meditation: “Life is a precious gift” and “Nothing is permanent”.

As we prepare for September and all that comes, I am hoping we have a colorful Fall and that the Winter is kind and gentle to us. May we not experience the rigors we faced last year, but if we do, remember the feel of sand between your toes and the sounds of summer.