Aligning Ourselves with Health Eating and Loving Our Bodies!

This month YHC is continuing to focus on the intersection of emotional and physical well being by exploring issues around eating and body image. While we know that women tend to display more concerns with weight and body image, we do know that boys are also impacted.

For girls and women, our society has been a powerful force in presenting ideal images in media. We know that the influence begins at a very early age, and is even stronger today due to the expansive reach of social media.

Gratefully, research is arming us with greater understanding of the confluence of biological underpinnings for some issues and tools for assisting with behavioral and emotional change.

This is critical as Eating Disorders can be one of the most devastating mental health issues and have lasting impact on health.

Gina Cipolla, LICSW and Stacy Marcotte, LICSW, of The Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness and clinicians from Walden Behavioral Care will be presenting an informative and up to date presentation at YHC on February 6th at the Youth Health Connection offices. .

Giving our youth and families the knowledge will help arm them with the science and not give myths and social media the undue influence they might have.

We are all born with our genetics, we all have bodies of different sizes, shapes, etc. Healthy nutrition begins early, healthy habits are role modeled and reinforced, “Health At Every Size” with a healthy lifestyle including physical activity is what we want to underscore.

Life style, role modeling, mindset, reinforcement, mindfulness all come together to create a day to day, moment to moment framework for merging peace with our body, attention to self talk, intentional decision making and a path way for feeling grounded emotionally and physically!

Hope to see you at their presentation.