New Day, New Year, New Decade!

This refrain will be heard loud and clear on December 31 and January 1. With a new day, a new year and a new decade we have an opportunity to take stock, set new goals and enjoy the beauty of a “Reset Moment”.

I do want to encourage a broader perspective to the annual tradition of resolutions and setting goals, moving from a new day, new year, new decade lens to one that engages us moment to moment with mindfulness. It is through mindfulness that we embrace our inner power to harness emotional well being and focus. With mindfulness we center ourselves, allowing for moments of peace and calm. Being mindful in the moment gives us the power to reduce our stress, maintain a positive perspective, calm our inner tiger, direct us to resilience and belief.

Research supports the efficacy of mindfulness, breathing, centering on both our emotional and physical well being. It is hard to negate the benefits:

Easy access: All you need is a chair and a quiet spot for focused mindfulness

Cost: Free

Time commitment: Recommendation is for at least 10 minutes twice a day, but I like to encourage people to learn how to be mindful each and every moment, checking in with how you are feeling!

Mindfulness truly is a game changer, giving us power to harness our inner quiet mind, create focus and keep us moving forward with positive beliefs as we tackle one day at a time.

Happy mindful moments one at a time!