As the academic year draws to a close, it is important to take a moment to reflect, review, evaluate.  We encourage children and teens to see report cards as feedback that illustrates what they have gained over the year in order to be open to continued learning and development.  I think it is important that as adults, we do the same.  YHC has focused this year on the topic of Grief, Trauma and Loss.

When we selected this topic I can honestly say we never thought it would have the weight and resonance it has.  That is not to say we did not think it was very important for us to immerse ourselves in it, we just did not expect that our local and national psyches would be challenged with grief, trauma and loss to the extent we have been.  I am grateful that our many wonderful presenters have helped us better understand the impact of loss and trauma.  We know that grief resonates repeatedly over life and through events.

It is critical that we take the knowledge we have gained and use it faithfully to insure our responses to youth, families and communities appropriately address this challenging issue.  Resilience enables us to provide the positive fuel for moving forward through difficult times.  I believe we are stronger, better connected as a community and more open to difficult conversations.   I have witnessed a coming together over this past year that is remarkable and beautiful.

In September YHC will begin marking our 20th Anniversary.  When we started as the Adolescent Suicide Prevention Project and the Partnership for School Health I do not think we could have dreamed we would be privileged to be saying “Happy 20th Anniversary”.

We have selected “Healthy Family Lifestyles” as our focus topic.  We have many wonderful programs planned and look forward to each of them.  YHC is the program it is because of the strong support and work of so many who do so much.   I am grateful to South Shore Hospital for supporting us and making it possible for us to meet the mission of safe, developing, happy youth and families.

May the summer breeze be at your back and may you enjoy time to reflect.

Thank you for being a member of the YHC family.  It is my honor to be with you in our mission.