There are things that happen to us as individuals and to whole communities that create challenge and force us to ask fundamental questions as to what, why, and then how to navigate. I have recently had two experiences, one with a group of women and one with a South Shore community that gave me the privilege and opportunity to be a part of their journeys.

In the first situation, a group of women came together for a yoga horse retreat weekend. At the start, many of the women did not know each other. One had experienced a recent tragic, unexpected loss. By the end of the weekend, after hours of hiking, yoga, yoga on horseback, breathing, meditation, meals shared, it was clear that the circle of women had connected in what I term “Circle of Love”. The hard job of healing from loss had begun, leaving everyone with the knowledge that something very powerful had taken place.

In another example, a community was recently challenged to address the complex issue of underage substance use. It was clear that the key stakeholders, including the schools and other community sectors, were ready, open, energized to bring the community together, to open the difficult but vital conversation. Well over 500 attended an evening meeting. Thus began the process of uniting, of forming a community circled together in the effort to help create a positive, unified approach of helping youth be safe, strong and resilient.

Circles of Care come with small groups and with large communities. The message is that by coming together we have:

  • Connection
  • Comfort
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

This allows for growth, change, help with navigating the complex process of change.

YHC remains dedicated to helping communities and individuals connect and collaborate.