This month marks the beginning of the 22nd year for Youth Health Connection.  We continue to dedicate ourselves to the mission of helping to reduce risk for youth and communities and to develop strong resiliency skills as a foundation for building positive strengths.  We know this is critical to be able to navigate day to day challenges and adversities.  This year we will focus on the importance of resiliency and how all sectors of our communities can play a role.  At the core is strong, connected relationships, safe open communication, and tools that youth, parents, educators and communities can use and consistently demonstrate that create a solid culture of understanding, presence and acceptance.

Over the summer we spent time planning a year’s worth of programs, initiatives and educational activities.  Additionally, we addressed and updated our vision statement that serves as a guide for our work.  It reads as follows:

We believe it thoughtfully represents the core direction and value of the work all of us do as part of the Youth Health Connection.  Each of you are important contributors and can make a difference.  Building communities that do not hold any stigma for mental illness and that connect the elements of mind and body and wellness lifestyles empower us to create communities united to our mission.

We will kick off the year with a full day, 5th annual South Shore FACTS:  Families, Adolescents, Communities Together Against Substances conference on Tuesday, September 29th , “The Power of Coalitions:  Creating and Sustaining Change Through Collaboration”.  We are thrilled to have the following keynote speakers:

Dr. Marisa Silveri:  Marijuana:  The Science & Impact on the Brain
Dr. Kevin Hill:  Underage Drinking:  Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment, Binge Drinking vs. Daily Consumption

Please contact Karin Farrell for information.