District Attorney Bill Keating sponsored a conference, Making Choices, Saving Lives:  Underage Drinking On Our Roads And In Our Homes Friday, April 3.

YHC hosted an information table and was represented by Susan Lemay, Mental Health Advisory Board member from Whitman Hanson, Paula Dowd, Nursing Advisory Board member from Braintree and Trish Morse, Parent Advisory Board member from Cohasset.  It was a very informative day and Youth Health Connection was highlighted a number of times.  Dr. Marisa Silveri and Richard Campbell gave updated presentations on the development of the Adolescent Brain and Social Host Liability.  Dr. Martha Strauss discussed the issue of adolescent girls, crisis, and substance abuse.  Lastly, Stephanie Patton, Director, Southeast Center for Healthy Communities gave a very good presentation on the power of positive prevention and environmental strategies and how to energize communities toward prevention and the impact of social norms.

YHC will continue to utilize local solutions for community owned problems ensuring research and data driven strategies.  The science of the positive is something we have as part of our mission and know that it can have substantial impact and enduring effect.  Decreasing access to alcohol and decreasing opportunities for impulsive decisions are critical.  While the data shows that 46% of students have had alcohol in the last 30 days we know that means more than half have not.  It is essential we communicate clear and positive messages to empower and achieve health.

A good website for referral for parents and educators:  www.socialhostliability.org