Want to share this photo which I took this morning out my front. The Montana big sky is ever changing but the colors this morning were quite inspiring.

I found these two quotes from a book I am currently reading, “Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity and Change” by Maggie Smith

“Take stock of what you can see in your life now that parts of it are gone: What view has that space created? What can you see now that you couldn’t before? Take in the new view. Keep Moving.”

“Let change – even traumatic upheaval – remind you that anything is possible. When the dark clouds of chaos hangs over you, let possibility be the silver lining. Keep Moving.”

The view and the quotes felt very appropriate as we continue navigating the challenges of Covid, winter, etc. As a nation we are facing the need to reach deep down and find our resilience and hope. There is a distinct weariness that many are feeling. Just last week I had four former patients call and ask for booster update sessions, all talking about their sense of exhaustion and difficulty gathering energy.