Summer is glorious. It unfolds before us offering us many longer hours of daylight and sanctioned releases from typical schedules. We know from research the benefit of natural Vitamin D. Research also drives us to deeper understandings of the positives of changing up routines, exploring new places and activities, connecting with family and friends with play and recreation. The data is abundantly clear about the value of mindfulness and decreases in stress, anxiety, depression, distractedness, increase in attention, immune function, general well being.

What many do not place value on is the simple art of “Doing Nothing”. Actually for many of us, doing nothing is an enormous challenge as we are programmed to craft to do lists and cross off tasks we accomplish. I am certainly known for that process and teach it as an organizational tool. Anchoring the other end of the spectrum is “Doing Nothing”. Doing nothing is actually doing something, it is the practice of ‘Mindfulness” and giving ourselves permission to do nothing. Permission to lie in a hammock and watch the clouds float by, star gaze and breathe in the beauty of the universe, to take a nap in the afternoon, to sit on the porch and listen to music, to savor the sound of bees buzzing in the garden. Mindfulness and “doing nothing” are available 24 x 7 and are absolutely free! Not many things in life fit that criteria.

I am challenging you to practice Mindfulness, the essence of being intentional in the moment to what you are feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting and apply it to “Doing Nothing”. I hope you will hold in your heart center what it feels like to release, restore, renew, refuel. Hit “save” and put it in your emotional muscle memory so you can revisit it and return endlessly to “Doing Nothing” and build in moment to moment Mindfulness.