As hearty New Englanders, we live with the mixed expectation that Spring will come. We are greeted with photos from other locales around the country where Spring is in bloom and people are experiencing the renewal that comes with Spring and rebirth.

I find lessons in nature and the natural rhythm she delivers. Even in New England we will have our bulbs emerge from the cold soil and trees will come alive once again with bursts of color! I have been reflecting on the importance of teaching our youth to appreciate the importance of patience, the ways we benefit from allowing ourselves to be in the moment and not rush, hurry, or feel urgency or race to the next thing.

In our 24 x 7 world, it is easy to lose our sense of natural timing and ability to let things unfold and present themselves to us. I often hear teens express a sense of impatience with process and moment to moment mindfulness. This impatience and lack of attention to “being in the moment” can distract and diminish the power of being “in flow”. With mindfulness, we create a focus on what we are feeling, what is creating that feeling and what we might do about it. This gives us the intentionality to be connected with mind and heart, and allow ourselves to listen and learn.

Life can’t be hurried or rushed, we must give ourselves the gift of moment to moment mindfulness, learning to allow patience to envelope us, to settle us, to guide us, to direct us, to teach us. Our youth need to learn patience and flow. It is the only way we live day to day with peace and well being.

As caring adults, we can role model and coach for patience, mindful living and being in flow. It not only feels better, it is gives a much richer, healthier experience for living life.