“You must be like the tree and trust in Me. I will take care of your needs. See how I give the tree a time to rest. That time is called winter. It is a time for one to reflect and relax. When the time is right, the tree is given a new beginning. This is called Spring, it is a time to try new ideas and take risks. There may be some storms and pain, but, mostly, it is a time to just be content with where one is in life. There is always celebration in one’s life, a time to be happy and shout out to others. For a tree, this season is autumn.

It is important for you to become as trusting as the tree. Your seasons may not be as clear, but, still, they are there. It is now time for you to begin your new journey. You will gain much knowledge, and if you listen to all you meet, you will gain much wisdom. But first, you must let go of the pain you carry within yourself. There can be no growth until you let go and trust. “