We are about to close out another school year and end another chapter. With what may seem like the blink of an eye, all the promise that was felt in September will soon be “in the books”. I think it is very important to take a moment and mindfully reflect on the year, all that has happened, all that has been learned, all the special moments, all the challenges met, all the lessons learned.

I think there are lessons we need to make sure our youth know:

  • That making mistakes is not failure, but rather an opportunity to learn and grow
  • That perfection does not exist and therefore chasing it leads to endless frustration
  • That the process is what matters, yes grades count, but the exercise of learning and doing is what matters
  • That curiosity and excitement for growing your mind and expanding your knowledge is wonderful
  • That not all minds are created equal
  • That no one is good at everything, but everyone has something that they are good at
  • That having a positive understanding of life and others is fundamental
  • YHC has focused on Respecting Self and Accepting Differences all year

As we move in to the summer break, as we shift gears and open ourselves to the next chapter, may we underscore the lessons we want our youth to know so they have the tools to continue navigating each new step and challenge. Hopefully we role model these lessons so they observe us living each day mindfully, with grace and dignity, with curiosity and hope, with caring and compassion, with joy for all that is possible. Endings allow for new beginnings and opportunities to continue “becoming”.