Following Stephanie Patton’s thoughtful presentation to our first Annual All Advisory Board Meeting on October 21st and the research on the power and impact of coalition building for promoting positive messages , YHC is suggesting that individual towns work to build dedicated coalitions in your community.  We feel that by simply starting with getting together with the various advisory board members to  YHC from your town might provide an opportunity to begin forming your own coalition.  Most participating school districts now have representation on the Mental Health, Nursing and Parent Advisory Boards.

If you do not know who they are please contact Kim Noble directly and she can assist you with contact information.  We are still building the membership for the Law Enforcement and Clergy Advisory Boards and as we do so hope to loop them into the coalition.  YHC recognizes the benefit for towns to personally direct strategies that address issues relevant to them.  The value of YHC as a regional organization is that we can provide “umbrella” programs and consultation but want to help individual communities tailor responses particular to their identified needs.  We hope to have more dialog on this topic and stand ready to assist you in this endeavor.