Wednesday, October 21, 2009 marks the opening of the web site sponsored by SAMSHA.  It is  designed to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.  Glenn Close is lending her visibility to this very important cause and effort to eradicate the stigma that has been connected with mental health issues and mental illness.  We strongly urge you to visit the web site and to use it as a tool.  YHC is dedicated to erasing the stigma of having a mental health concern and supports early identification, intervention and referral.  The research strongly indicates that the earlier treatment begins the greater the positive impact.

This topic will be discussed in greater length during the Typical or Troubled presentation on Monday, October 26th at Braintree High School.  Please help us increase the understanding of mental health issues and mental illness and open the dialog and acceptance of anxiety, depression, bi-polar depression as conditions that can be very effectively treated and therefore not derail well being.  Lives can be positively changed with early intervention.

On Wednesday, October 21, Stephanie Patton, MPH, of the Southeast Center for Healthy Families presented to the first annual All Advisory Board Meeting.  Her comments were very helpful to board members in understanding the role of community groups in prevention and the importance of prevention planning, community-based strategies and moving from fear based initiatives to positive based prevention.  She clearly articulated the need for being anchored by data, the power of positive messaging and environmental strategies that are coalition based and community driven and the effect perception plays in confronting community concerns.  Her presentation was preceeded by a group drumming exercise that helped board members concretely experience the power of groups coming together and the ability to generate one theme composed of many parts.  Board members were asked to adopt the 3 – 2 – 1 commitment by participating in 3 events, by bringing 2 friends and to helping with 1 project.  YHC is dedicated to moving ahead with the power of positive prevention.  Complacency is the enemy, activity and being a strong coalition is the goal.