2020 was a year that brought remarkable global challenges. We have struggled mightily with Covid, economic uncertainty, loss of daily life as we knew it, literal loss of loved ones. From all that we have endured, I find hope in the stories of humanity, compassion and care. Medical professionals have sacrificed while working, first responders have always been there, teachers, delivery personnel, grocery workers, neighbors, have all responded with “We are all in this together”. And the scientists who have done what has never been done before, creating multiple vaccines in record time, and the volunteers who stepped up for testing, have given us a light that is now carrying us forward through what has been a very dark period in our history. What we have witnessed is resilience and grit. They are powerful traits that help direct us toward new days with hope and belief.

I do believe that we are empowered to learn lessons from our journey through 2020. Lessons learned can become part of our individual and our collective mental and emotional savings banks. By taking a moment, reflecting and preserving the wisdom, we can live with renewed power and meaning about life.

Personally, I have found strength and will retain my “Lessons Learned”:

Meditation and breath anchor and settle me

My gratitude journal and blessings jar remind me

Mantra work, such as “One day at a time” and “This too shall pass” ground me

Feeling the love of family and friends, even when not in person, fills my heart

Being one with nature, and embracing the majesty of seasons, can be a daily refuel

Embracing my calling to help those who are struggling gives purpose to my passion

I would like to ask you to share lessons you have learned from your own personal journey.

A friend share this quote with me, “Go forward with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face; with great joy and strong purpose in your heart.” Gordon B. Hickley

We are now seeing longer days of light. The light of the moon makes passage even in darkness possible. May you feel peace and live with open hearts.